I LOVE my Celluma LED device!

My best friend Leigh and I went to the Skin Care Show in Long Beach back in December. We had been hearing a lot about this Celluma LED light and it’s amazing benefits not only for acne and wrinkles but pain management. We went to the seminar at the convention and then we had a treatment at the Celluma booth and we were blown away. You walk away seeing a difference with just one treatment. Our skin felt plumper and more vibrant. We took the plunge and invested in the device and started using them in our treatment rooms in Portland. Our clients have been loving their results as well! It’s helped our acne clients kill that surface bacteria when nothing else will, its boosted our anti-aging treatments with our peels, microneedling, and its a great treatment to do after you get any type of facial injection to enhance the results of botox or filler. I even used it on a client who had been suffering from ACL surgery and the one session we did on her knee immediately reduced the tightness and increased her mobility. I’ve done it on a few of my clients here in Boise and we all feel like its a magic light. When you get a facial with me you will lie under my Blanquil weighted blanket that promotes relaxation and helps calm the nervous system. You will leave your facial super relaxed and glowing.

Source: www.biophotos.com