Why you should get lash extensions with me :)

Lash extensions are so fun! I love being able to make someone feel so put together and pretty by adding extensions to their lashes. Lashes are such a personal thing to the client and the lash artist. I have been doing lashes for 10 years now and I have worked with A LOT of different products. I have learned that there is not one lash product or adhesive that is perfect for everyone. It’s impossible to for those companies to please all of us lash artists and the different needs of each client we work with. I feel confident that the lashes and adhesive I use has been the best combo for me and my clients, with the average fill time being every 3 weeks and you only have to sit for an hour for your lash nap. I am working towards 4 week fills and I feel like I am getting close. A lot has to do with what the clients are doing at home too so I keep that in mind as I educate clients on the importance of keeping their lashes clean, using cleansers that are 100% free of oil, anything synthetic, sulfates and is pH balanced to create the best condition for application and retention. There is one cleanser that I love so far from Lash X. It comes with a bamboo cloth so you can really get in there and clean along the lash line. Read her blog here to see why and how you should wash your lashes AND why you shouldn’t use baby shampoo. I will be retailing it here in Boise shortly and I know my lash clients will love it. You should never feel your lash extensions, you don’t want to see glue clumps, and you should always be able to comb through your lashes! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call/text 503-449-3319 or email me at hello@hannahbrie.com. Thanks for reading! I hope to see you soon! Book HERE for an appointment with me.